The Cyprus Investment Firm

14 November 2017

Cyprus is an attractive jurisdiction for the provision of investment and ancillary services across the European Union. Therefore, the investors and businessmen may establish an Cyprus Investment Firm (the “CIF”) governed by the Law 144 ...



Cyprus Non-Dom Regime

17 October 2017

In an effort to encourage high net worth individuals to apply for Cyprus tax residency the government simplified the Cyprus Tax System by eliminating taxation on passive income and by applying a deducting 50% on the Income Tax for ...



Employees in International Companies

5 September 2018

Companies of foreign interest, including former offshore companies and Cyprus shipping companies are entitled to employ third party nationals under specific circumstances.  Such foreign nationals are also allowed family reunification ...


The 60-Day Tax Residency Rule

17 October 2017

A new amendment to the current Income Tax Law of the Republic of Cyprus has been voted by the Parliament on 21st July 2017. The amendment relates in determining Cyprus tax residency for individuals by adding a second test to ...



Cyprus Startup Visa

13 October 2017

As from February 2017 Cyprus adopted the Startup Visa Scheme for third Country Nationals. The scheme forms part of the Policy Statement on Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. It enables skilful entrepreneurs who are not EU ...



Cyprus Residence Permit

30 August 2017

The two methods by which a third country national may obtain a permanent Cyprus Residency without the right to work are explained below.



Cyprus Yacht Leasing VAT Scheme

30 August 2017

Cyprus VAT scheme is one of the most attractive within EU jurisdictions for yacht registration. According to that, a Cyprus company may enter into a lease-sale agreement with an option to buy in respect of the yacht with third party, ...




Cyprus International Trust

21 April 2017

The revamped Cyprus International Trust (CIT), provides for the highest possible degree of asset protection

internationally, extensive tax benefits and strong confidentiality capabilities.



Cyprus Citizenship

30 January 2017

The new scheme for naturalisation by Investment, adopted in September 2016, streamlines and simplifies the criteria for obtaining Cyprus citizenship, rendering the scheme more flexible and attractive than ever.




Public Procurement Law Lab Services

24 February 2016

Our legal team in cooperation with external specialists, provides highly sought after public procurement support services for relevant applicants in public procurement projects. Our team’s flexibility and experience reassures long ...





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